My name is Brooke. I'm an illustrator & artist residing in Michigan.
This is a collection of my artwork, photos, travels, muses, and some occasional reblogged inspiration.
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Posted 2 weeks ago
See, I make normal stuff too. #flowers #watercolor #progress #process #art
Posted 2 weeks ago
Rainy snow on a Tuesday afternoon. #blackandwhite #downtown
Posted 2 weeks ago with 1 note
Not sure if I ever posted this, but I’m just going to put this riiight here. 
Done around Halloween 2013.
Posted 3 weeks ago
octoinfinity. #art #tattoodesign  #drawing
Posted 4 weeks ago with 1 note
starting an octopus design. #tattoodesign #art #progress
Posted 1 month ago
Framing & socks to match.
Posted 1 month ago
Eye self.
Posted 1 month ago
cosmic wolf.
Posted 1 month ago with 18 notes
dug up an old light study piece I did last year, acrylics on black paper.
Posted 1 month ago with 5 notes
Finished cardinal tattoo design.